To Err Is Divine

Multi-Session Summary

New Faces

Upon entering the Leafless Ridge, our five heroes were forewarned of dangerous traps in the road through their compassion for a pack of wolves. Not much farther along, they were all but caught off guard by a group of barghests under the command of two oni. Partyocalypse prevailed, but most of their Chickabob mounts were savaged, and one oni escaped, swearing vengeance.

Farther along in the rattling, dry trees, our three heroes stumbled upon…wait, only three? Weren’t there more? It’s not as though anyone died…strange. The three bearing the name Partyocalypse happened upon an odd pair of wanderers: Starkad, the goliath Runpriest, and Rodnee, a warforged Swordmage. These two had just managed to escape the Efreeti castle near the edge of the Thrashing Sands, and were eager to get as far away from their captors as quickly as they could. Three did seem too few a crew to do what heroes do, so these two came through as new recruits. Phew!

Just in time for the cart to break down.



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