To Err Is Divine

Multi Session Summary 5

Deserts Still Suck

Guys. Guuuys. I’m pretty sure the glass forest you’re looking for is in the middle of that caldera. I mean, you went all the way back out to the desert and walked all around those weird white cliffs, and all you found were more collapsed temples, some angry giant fire wasps, and more book-eating, wall-crawling zombie things. I will admit it was incredibly badass when you all laid waste to those creepy things as the cart was barreling down that tunnel it barely fit through. Physically blocking the zombies from crawling across the ceiling over the cart, blowing up the queen in a huge spray of napalm, it was all great! Thrilling! But then you were just back out in the desert.

Jory flying as high as the Treatise would allow and getting a better view was a great plan. It would have been even greater if the oasis he spotted hadn’t turned out to be a huge plant trying to lure you all into its frigid acid waters, intent on turning you into more of those moss-covered bone shamblers it commanded to ambush you. And the only other thing he saw up there was that same glittering on the horizon in the middle of the caldera, right? C’mon, just go check it out, and if you don’t see glass trees right away, you can keep combing these boring old sand dunes.

Okay, so that could have gone better. But hey, you found the glass forest, right? Those sparkling trees formed from the black sand of the caldera floor, with hearts of superheated plasma were crazy! Then, when the inevitable clash with fiery beings came, you were holding your own against that pack of flaming hounds and even a Firelash elemental, too. Aaand then the sandstorm hit. Not a great experience, trying to navigate shattering trees, a glass sheet splintering beneath your feet, and even popper trees, why the fuck would they be growing here? And even when you got to the rapidly closing eye of the storm, there was just a glass spire thing and a big ol’ hole in the ground…the floor of which collapsed underfoot, dropping you into some kind of bottomless pit. Seriously, you’ve been falling for what, hours? Days?

All I’m saying is, the forest was in the caldera, so at least you’re closer to the library. Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to escape this infinite pit.



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