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Oh! Hello, there!

Welcome to the Wiki Nexus! My name is Unit 434, Blameless Flame, but you can call me…uh, well, there’s not really a good nickname to be had out of that, is there? The dwarves in the archives call me, “the orb,” or, “that damned thing,” neither of which I appreciate. How about 434? Yeah, that’ll have to do.

Right! You’re probably here to learn about the world. Well, you’ve come to the right archiving unit, I know alllll about this place. Yes, I was stuck in a demi-plane controlled by a dark god for a several hundred years, but really, that’s just a lot of time to read, yeah? And, between you and me, I’ve got a special scrying spell on a few of the biggest heroes around, so whatever they learn, I’m going to learn.

So what do you want to know? Just pick a category, and we’ll fall down a wiki rabbit hole of fun!

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