What have they wrought?

The Dawn War has had echoing repercussions, lo these many millennia, as one might imagine. The conflict between the gods and the primordials for the fate of the world is still unmatched in scale or sweeping devastation, even as neither is fully known. Monsters were sealed away, weapons were hidden in deep and remote vaults, and atrocities were allowed to pass from historical documents, to vague retellings, to forgotten tales. As children of the gods, mortal beings are quick to believe every horrible myth about their hated foes of the roiling elemental planes, but what of the gods? What acts of war did they have to justify to themselves? What plots were covered up, lost with the names of the many immortals destroyed? What strife do their retellings gloss over, what weaknesses? What do they hide from their followers?

A small group of rambunctious heroes may already have found one such secret, and its revelation could reshape the world forever.

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Welcome to the homepage for the homebrew campaign, To Err is Divine. This campaign is set in on as-yet unnamed continent very similar to Nerath. There are small towns and cities spread out across the land, points of light in a vast, dangerous wilderness. The ruins of ancient, long forgotten civilizations lie everywhere.

Our party currently numbers five: Sunflash the minotaur Paladin, Veren Thalanaar the elf Ranger, Starkad Weohstad the goliath Runepriest, Rainault the human Psion, and Davos-Zah the genasi Swordmage are all on a journey that will uncover the most deeply hidden secrets of the shapers of the world itself.

We’ve been playing the preamble to this campaign since mid 2012. This is the first D&D I’ve had the pleasure of Dungeonmastering. I’ve been running RPG games in various systems for a decade and a half, but there’s still so much to learn, and I have excellent players that remain patient and enthusiastic through my missteps. There’s plenty of good stuff happening too, and both good and bad will all be chronicled in the adventure log.

To Err Is Divine

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