What have they wrought?

Welcome to the homepage for the homebrew campaign, Secrets of the Gods. This campaign is set in an as-yet unnamed world with the standard Fourth Edition conceit: there are points of light in a vast, dangerous wilderness, and the ruins of ancient, long forgotten civilizations lie everywhere.

Our party currently numbers five: Sunflash the minotaur Paladin, Jörmungandr the deva Avenger, Veren Thalanaar the elf Ranger, Starkad the goliath Runepriest, and Rainault the human Psion are all about to embark on a journey that will uncover the most deeply hidden secrets of the shapers of the world itself.

We’ve been playing the preamble to this campaign since mid 2012. This is the first D&D I’ve had the pleasure of Dungeonmastering. I’ve been running RPG games in various systems for a decade and a half, but there’s still so much to learn. I’ll do my best to chronicle my achievements and missteps in a side blog (that will be linked to here as soon as I make it).

To Err Is Divine

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